Welcome to my new blog!

Hi there, welcome to my blog!
I’m Jonathan Verrecchia, but good luck to remember how to spell my last name! So let’s keep it shorter and simpler with “Verekia”.

I’m a 23 years old Parisian Front-End Web Developer, completely passionate about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And believe it or not, I have a life too! I play music, like to party, travel as much as possible (oh, and by the way, I’m currently in a plane flying to Los Angeles, California right now, but more on that later).

Few notable things about me: I have a French blog about HTML5 and CSS3, which led me to write a book about HTML5 this year (it’s also in French, so good luck with that too!).

My book about HTML5

You might know me through another of my projects called Initializr. It’s a tool to generate a new HTML5 project based on HTML5 Boilerplate super quickly, you should take a look! It became the official custom builder of Boilerplate, so you can consider me as a contributor of HTML5 Boilerplate, although I don’t work on the core content.

Initializr - HTML5 templates generator

Anyways, because of some of these facts, Microsoft invited me to California to attend BUILD Windows 8 conference, which will deal with HTML5 in many ways. And that’s why I’m now on this plane! This major event is the perfect opportunity for me to start a new blog, in English this time, and keep you informed about what is being said at this 4 days conference.

A plane

I will also post few updates about my Californian adventures since I will move to San Francisco next week, and will stay there for 2 months and a half. So I hope you will like this blog, if so, you can follow me on Twitter as well (no French spam, promise!).

Ciao ciao!