Build a simple client-side MVC app with RequireJS

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As a web developer, you certainly often started coding your JavaScript in a single file, and, as the code base gets larger and larger, it became really difficult to maintain. To solve this problem you can split your code in several files, add more script tags and use global variables to reach functions declared in other files. But this pollutes the global namespace and for each file an additional HTTP request consumes bandwidth, which slows down the loading time of the page.

If this happened to you, you certainly understand that there is a strong need to organize our front-end code differently, particularly if we have to build large-scale web apps with thousands of lines of JavaScript. We need a new way to organize all this mess to make it easier to maintain. This new technique consists in using script loaders. Plenty of them are available on the web, but we’ll focus on a very good one called RequireJS.

In this step by step tutorial you will learn how to build a simple MVC (Model – View – Controller) app using RequireJS. You don’t need any particular previous knowledge of script loading – we’ll see the basics together.

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