This is everything I own as a minimalist and digital nomad. Prices are in USD. I included the location of the purchase because it sometimes affect the price; or to take into account shipping costs. Some electronic items have dropped in value.


Total: $804 (more than I thought)


Total: $1163, $702 without the backpack.


Total: $3676, $1825 without the laptop, $991 without the phone.


Total: $291

Grand Total

That's about 72 items, 10kg (22 lbs), for a grand total of $5943 (5132 โ‚ฌ). I was not expecting it to be that much, given how much of a minimalist freak I am. Small things really add up.

I can manage to get my carry-on luggage to 6.9kg (7kg being the limit for carry-ons) by wearing my heaviest clothes, and putting the heaviest items in my pockets.

I made a video a few months ago showing this inventory: All The Things of a Minimalist and Digital Nomad. I had more clothes back then.

I also wrote a minimalism manifesto and I'm on Twitter. Cheers.

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