My Life Routine

This is my daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly routine, that I try to maintain as much as possible no matter which country I'm living in. My happiness is mainly fueled by freedom, getting things done, and being healthy, so that's what I focus on.






I avoid pasta, white rice, white bread, potatoes, baked goods, desserts, chocolate bars, and salt. I also avoid dairies (except whey protein) for a better skin. I do not have sugar cravings at all, but I have an addiction for chocolate. When I must have some chocolate, my first choice is Lindt 85%, which I don't like enough to want to binge-eat it, and has the most optimal macros / taste of the Lindt dark chocolates.

When going to bars or nightclubs with friends, my preferred drinks to stay healthy and avoid sugar and getting fat are:


I like to optimize my workflow and save time, so I've combined together exercices that use only one pair of dumbbells into the following dumbbells-only supersets:

10kgs (max at my condo's gym in Chiang Mai)





At home with my equipment

At each session at the gym, I do all these exercises. I either do 1-2 full drop sets per exercise, or 3-4 normal sets to failure (or close), with slow full-range-of-motion reps. This routine takes me between 1 and 1.5 hour.

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